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An universal payment

An electronic currency stable and secure.

Simple to use

Corporate solution without borders.

A decentralized network

Open and distributed in real time.

Reducing costs

In corporate payments and international remittances.

A decentralized network

Open and distributed in real time.

Connecting businesses

With NetM no matter the size of an organization or company, or the type of technological infrastructure, NetM network with its complementary infrastructure and native electronic currency comes to connect the different corporate transactional networks, allowing easy integration to use digital money instead of cash.

The network

Transactions anywhere

The NetM network makes sending and receiving money easier and economical. Money transactions take place at any time in any part of a territory. Behind every transaction in NetM there is a complex network infrastructure that receives, processes and validates each transaction. The network has robust security, scaling enormous capacity and a convenient confidentiality.

Technical aspects

Assurance operation

NetM - is an integrated corporate real-time network capable of processing 126,000 transactions per hour, 2,851,200 transactions per day and with a 24/7 operational performance . This network means an innovation in sending and receiving money that are made by using a computer on the internet. We are working to accelerate the shift of cash in different digital channels.


Buy and sell

With a single commission of 6% is guaranteed the generation of corporate value in an open and decentralized network for business. The speculation is controlled that is common in volatile digital markets. With the own electronic currency (NTM) of the network different transactional networks can intercommunicate.


Use practically free

At a lower cost than traditional payments, international transactions with greater coverage, generating operating profit and a real liquidity among organizations.

  • The network
  • Technical aspects
  • Balance
  • Transactions

About us

NetM as a payment system safe and open ...

The NetM network is a decentralized network for sending and receiving money. It has an open distribution of nodes in different parts that keeps all information synchronized and secure. The network uses technology peer-to-peer or p2p to operate without fixed clients or servers. Management of transactions and the issuance of digital money is carried out in a controlled manner by NetM . Transactions are made ​​using the existing infrastructure of NetM and its protection is by using cryptographic signatures..

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